Pig Racing

Joseph's Amazing Racing Pigs.

Pigrace.jpgSix rare breed pigs, ranging from Tamworths to Gloucester Old Spots to Saddlebacks to Berkshires to Oxford sandy and blacks, will fill your arena with their amusing antics.  The handlers in country style outfits encourage them down the track by shaking a bucket of food and the pigs hurl themselves over the hurdles in their rush to be the first to the bucket !  This is arena entertainment at its best and if you don't have an arena we can set up on grass anywhere.


  • 65m x 5m roped off grass area for the track

  • 15m x 15m grass display area. 

  • Please be aware that the pigs will dig up the ground. If this a problem we can put them on display in the trailer.  We are happy for the public to touch the pigs and provide anti-bacterial gel to use after touching them.  A member of staff will always be with the pigs.

  • We need to be able to move the vehicle and trailer from the display area to the arena.  Marshalls to move the crowd would be helpful.

  • A good PA system with a CD player is a must.  A hand held radio mic or head set are needed.  The speakers need to cover the length of the track.

  • We will deal with the DEFRA movement licences for the pigs.  We can work in places with or without a CPH number.

  • We carry PLI of £2m and have Performing Animal Licences.

    Joseph’s Amazing Racing Pigs take the welfare of their six rare breed pigs very seriously. We have them as weaners (so weaned from the sow’s milk) at approx 10 – 12 weeks old.  They stay in a stable for a few days so they can get used to being handled and then they are moved to a half acre copse with a pig arc for shelter.  Rare or old fashioned breeds of pig like the Tamworth and the Gloucester Old Spot were bred for living outside so have a thick layer of fat to keep them warm.

      Pigs like shade as they can burn in the sun so the copse is an ideal environment for them to rootle about in the trees.  They have water in a trough and are fed pig nuts specially formulated for growing pigs.  All animals are food orientated and you only have to see the pigs run over when they hear the food being put in the copse to understand how easy it is to train them to run to a bucket of food.  Training is all about patience, kindness and reward.

      Because they are a rare breed bred for living outside they are hardy and very rarely ill.  We use our local farm and equine vet if we do have a problem.  They are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics so they grow more slowly than other breeds.  When they become too big for the racing they are returned to where they came from and we bring on a new set  Pigs are very intelligent and great fun to be around.  They flourish in family groups so we always get three from a litter.

      We hope you enjoy our pigs as much as we do.