Camel Milk

Daisy’s Dromedairy is the UK’s first Camel Dairy. We produce Raw Camel milk from our dairy herd. We are first for camels in the UK, where our camels come first! We have a very high standard of animal welfare and look after our camels with the upmost respect and love. Camels are very emotional animals; a dairy camel has to trust you in order for you to be able to milk them. If the camel doesn’t trust you, they won’t drop down their milk. Therefore, the fact we are able to milk our camels says a lot about the way we treat them. Camel calves are not separated from their mothers, like cattle calves are; we share the milk with calves. We milk once a day and after we have milked the babies and mothers are together for the rest of the day. We love and respect our animals, and look after them with only good intentions at heart. All our animals are ethically treated and have the best care in the UK – we are the number one camel experts in the UK. Our camel milk has a delicious creamy texture; and is produced on our farm in Warwickshire. We are the first UK producers of camel milk, one of less than thirty commercial camel dairies in the world. Our UK produced camel milk is sold raw and not heat treated to ensure that all the amazing properties that camel milk contains are not lost through the pasteurisation process. Our British camel milk contains many incredible properties – one of the reasons why some refer to it as ‘White Gold’. - Lactose intolerant friendly – it is the least allergenic of all mammalian milks. - Contains 5 times more Vitamin C than cows milk – good for your skin. - Naturally contains insulin – can aid diabetics. - Has many immune boosting properties. - Can help children with autism. - Creamy in texture. Our camel milk is sold in the UK only. You can come and collect it from our farm in Warwickshire, or we you can order the Camel milk for delivery – please contact us directly to enquire about delivery. Our Raw Camel milk is £20 per litre and is old in 500ml (£10 per bottle) and 250ml (£5 per bottle) bottles. You can buy it fresh the day it was milked or frozen. It must be consumed within 4 days of purchase when bought fresh. If bought frozen it can last for up to 3 months in the freezer, once defrosted must be consumed within 4 days. We recommend you defrost it in the fridge overnight. Use it in your tea, cereal and more. We recommend it in a latte – it super creamy and tasty! For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us via our email, social media or via the phone. @jacamels FB: Josephs Amazing Camels Ltd