Welcome to Joseph's Amazing Camels

Joseph's Amazing Camels is the only company in the UK specialising in camels.  Started in 2000 by Joseph and Rebecca Fossett we provide camel racing, camel polo, camel rides, camel trekking, the Three Kings and their Camels at Christmas, film ,TV, stage and photo shoots, promotions, corporate entertainment, team building, weddings, parties and camels for all occasions. We also do pig racing. JAC has the highest standards of training and animal welfare.

We train our staff ourselves and they all have experience with the camels.  We hold Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000, which can be increased if needed.  We have the correct Dangerous Wild Animals licence for taking the camels out and we have Performing Animal Licences.



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  • We can also provide a camel to take you to your prom ..... Robyn did just that last week and won best transport! http://t.co/AKeY6znq9R
  • And even more for our Three Kings and their camels at Christmas....how great would this look in your town? http://t.co/sJ3FFFcrMJ
  • Lots of inquiries for our racing pigs today! Great fun for fetes, fun days and even weddings.... http://t.co/LRk2N2m3G5
  • Fantastic picture of Kokoso in the news this week - winning Robyn the prize of best transport to her school Prom! http://t.co/AKeY6znq9R